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It may be too presumptuous of me to say that Equiano Coffee’s new offering of Finca El Danubio, Pink Bourbon varietal coffee from Colombia is one of Eugene’s best coffees so I’ll just say “Wow”!

Colombia Pink Bourbon from Finca El Danubio, now available at the Equiano tasting room in Eugene, Oregon or online at

Small Farm Coffee

Equiano’s new Finca (farm) El Danubio, Pink Bourbon varietal coffee is sourced from one of our favorite coffee growing regions in Colombia.

Farmer, Jose Ortiz currently has 20,000 coffee trees growing on his estate in the Huila department of Southwest Colombia. Situated in the Andean region, Huila attracts many tourists that come for its beautiful landscapes, hot springs, and beautiful coffee mountains.

Huila’s coffees are characterized by sweet notes, good acidity, and intense fragrance, its cup profiles are derived from climatic and geographic factors of the region. El Huila coffee is one of the most recognized regional coffees in Colombia for its consistency in the cup throughout the year.

But don’t take my word for it, check out this short video snippet of Equiano Coffee’s own roastmaster, Okon Udosenata, as he describes some of the more prominent characteristics of this exotic coffee varietal….

Pink Bourbon

In typical Equiano Coffee fashion, this exotic estate coffee was carefully selected by the company’s Roastmaster, Okon Udosenata, and is not likely to be found anywhere else in Eugene. After test-roasting an initial batch of these beans and finding the optimum roast profile, Okon delivers yet another outstanding single-varietal coffee for coffee and espresso lovers to enjoy.

Equiano's Colombia Pink Bourbon is delightful as traditional brewed coffee, espresso or cold brew.

Okon’s sensitive tasting palate combined with his years of roasting experience and award-winning skills have culminated in the production of yet another uniquely delicious offering from Equiano Coffee Company. With characteristics of Strawberry and chocolate, this Pink Bourbon scored high in the categories of fragrance/aroma and balance when tasted by professional coffee cuppers.

Additional tasting notes for this Pink Bourbon include; citrus acidity, clean and consistent cup, creamy body, sweet & tropical fruits.

The Pink Bourbon is highly enjoyable as an espresso, a traditional brewed cup of coffee or as cold brew served over ice.

Where to Find Equiano’s Pink Bourbon

This exotic tasting estate coffee, one of our favorite Colombians here at Equiano is now available as an espresso or as a single cup pour-over at our tasting room in Eugene, Oregon and available in whole bean or ground to take home or to the office to brew yourself.

Not in Eugene, Oregon? No problem! This delicious Pink Bourbon (pronounced “bor-bone”) is also available through the Equiano Coffee website at! Order yours now!

Finca El Danubio, Colombia, Pink Bourbon is available in bulk whole bean or ground at the Equiano tasting room located at 300 Blair Blvd, in Eugene, Oregon.

Come visit us at the tasting room and enjoy some of this wonderful coffee while it lasts! The Equiano Tasting Room is located at 300 Blair Blvd, in Eugene, Oregon. Come visit us today!

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