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Whether your searching for that specific flavor profile of bright citrus, fruity sweet, nutty & buttery, spicy & earthy, or chocolaty that a single varietal can provide, or that more traditional & smooth characteristic of a masterfully blended coffee, Equiano’s got you covered!


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Our Story

Welcome to Equiano Coffee 

We are a family-owned and operated roaster in Eugene, Oregon. We pride ourselves in sourcing and roasting some of the most delicious specialty grade coffees from Viet Nam, DR Congo, Cameroon, Brazil, and beyond. Visit our blog to learn more about our coffees.

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Only the Best

Small Farm, Single Varietal Espresso

A truly excellent espresso can both, stand on its own as a straight shot, and blend harmoniously with the sweetness of perfectly steamed milk in your favorite latte or cappuccino.


Finca Villa, Colombia, Caturra & Castillo Varietal 


Hailing from its namesake farm in Colombia, this natural process, organic Finca Villa, comes to us from the Asotbilbao cooperative. A bold and well-balanced coffee with notes of concord grape, red fruits, and a creamy body. 


Organic Bon Mua, Viet Nam, Typica Varietal 

This coffee is an organic Typica varietal with flavor notes of carob and caramel and lemongrass. The coffee from Bon Mua is very versatile from good espresso to great cold brew.


Fezenda Do Condado, Brazil, Yellow Catuai Varietal

This Yellow Catuai varietal bean comes to us from the Fazenda Condado farm in Brazil. A wet process, this earthy coffee features notes of walnut and milk chocolate. It’s deliciously brewed with a variety of methods, from espresso to pour over!


 Mighty Peace- D’ldhwi Island, Congo, Bourbon Varietal


It is from I’djwi DR Congo. It is an organic Bourbon varietal that has flavor notes of chocolate and dried plum.


LaEsperanza, Colombia, Castillo Varietals

Like many of our Colombian coffees, this is a wet process bean. A Castillo varietal with a unique flavor: notes of chocolate and pineapple with an earthiness. We offer it at a medium roast.


What People are Saying


“A Great Find”

“New to town. Happened upon Equiano. Barista was a sweetheart of a man, coffee and cookie were very tasty and you knew you were drinking coffee. Love that! You have our support and we will be back”.



“Great Coffee & Great Service”

“Great coffee in a tiny but well-patronized cafe. The owner is knowledgeable and gives great service. Highly recommended.”



Total must visit

“Great beans. Simple menu with no wrong choices. Lovely folks. Solid music. Total must visit if you like your coffee in traditional styles.”




Very cute little coffee spot! It’s warm inside and the coffee is great. Friendly staff and average coffee prices. If you like Starbucks don’t come here, it’s for REAL coffee lovers.”


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Our News And Events

Find out what is happening at Equiano by reading our blog. We’ll keep you up to date on the featured coffee of the month, any yummy pop-ups and who’s amazing art is on the walls. 

Hours of Operation


9:00am – 5:00pm

The Tasting Room

300 Blair Blvd.

Eugene, OR 97402

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