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New Amazing Colombian Varietal

new citrusy, buttery single varietal Colombian is a coffee lovers dream come true!

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There always seems to be a new coffee treasure to delight the palate at the Equiano Coffee tasting room in Eugene, Oregon. With small farm, single varietal coffees continually circulating through the retail shelves from Equiano’s nearby roasting warehouse, there’s always something sure to please the serious coffee aficionado!

 When Okon Udosenata, Roastmaster at Equiano Coffee told me about the new Colombian he had just roasted up, it was with such unabashed enthusiasm and excitement that I just had to go straight to the tasting room to try it for myself. The Barista behind the bar brewed a strong cup of the Colombian Caturra for me as a single cup pour-over. And wow, was it worth the wait!

Delightful Flavor Profile

It was a hearty, full-bodied cup and very smooth with no hint of bitterness anywhere to be found. I wasn’t quite prepared for the sweet, ripe grapefruit notes and the hints of baker’s chocolate. An incredible flavor combination and oh what a treat! My new favorite coffee for brewing at home with a pour-over cone or my Mr. Coffee style electric coffee maker, this Caturra varietal from Finca Los Pinos in the municipality of Urrao Antioquia, in the Northwestern region of Colombia is handpicked and painstakingly processed by farmer Jorge Antonio Arboleda. The excellent growing conditions of the region combined with the meticulous care given to the growing, picking and processing ensures that the roaster, the next link in the coffee chain from farm to cup has a top-quality product to work with.

 A fellow coffee connoisseur commented on the butteriness of the coffee and after coming back the next day for a second cup I’d have to agree. The citrus sweetness and buttery characteristics make this delicious Colombian a true stand out among high quality, single varietals.

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 Don’t Miss it

From the care of the coffee farmer in Colombia and the masterful roasting of Equiano’s Udosenata to the Barista’s custom brewing, this is one of those special coffees you’ll be glad you didn’t miss out on! Stop by the tasting room at 300 Blair Blvd. in Eugene, Oregon for a custom pour-over or take some beans home to brew any day of the week. You can also visit Equiano’s website to shop around and send for any of a number of fine, small farm, single varietal coffees roasted by Udosenata here at

And if you get to try some of the Los Pinos, Colombia for yourself we’d love to hear about your experience on our facebook page. Cheers!

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