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The stores are filled with all things holiday, reminding us that it’s time to start shopping. If you’re eager to find the best holiday gifts for everyone on your list, we’re here to help.

This holiday season, gift-giving may look different than it has in previous years. Between social distancing and widespread financial changes for families, many people are choosing to simplify their shopping.

For coffee lovers, the answer is simple. Equiano Coffee offers high-quality beans from its roastery in Eugene, OR. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, Equiano has you covered.

Best Holiday Gifts for the Coffee Lovers in Your Life

Few things go together better than coffee and the holidays. The proliferation of pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas proves this point every year. 

Wrapping your hands around a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning is one of life’s beautiful small pleasures. And the holiday season brings out the festive nature of coffee as some people enjoy adding adult libations into the mix. 

No matter how you enjoy your coffee, the warmth and good cheer of a great cup make the season feel special. This is why coffee and all of its accouterments make excellent gifts.

Even if you have picky people on your holiday shopping list, there is a good chance they love coffee. We can say that with confidence since about 150 million Americans are daily coffee drinkers. 

And perhaps the biggest reason coffee makes the best holiday gifts is that you can give impressively without breaking the bank. You can deliver high-quality cheer and joy within your budget. 

Without further ado, here are our top five picks for the best holiday gifts for coffee fans.

1. Excellent Coffee

The best holiday gifts for coffee lovers are easy to find with this guide.

Where can you go wrong with this gift? A pound or two of specialty coffee is a luxurious option for anyone on your list. Look for roasters that offer small-batch coffee to get the best products. You can find coffee to suit every taste, including options for decaf drinkers. And to make a gift extra special, consider including a trip to a local tasting room to make the coffee experience complete.

2. Pour-Over Coffee Maker

If you have a coffee aficionado on your list, they may be ready to enjoy a pour-over coffee maker. These tools give the coffee maker total control as they pour the hot water over the grounds. Although they work similarly to drip coffee makers, pour-overs produce a better cup of coffee.

One of the most popular brands on the market is the Chemex. It has a loyal following of pour-over fans. And if someone on your list already has a Chemex, there are plenty of accessories you can purchase for them instead.

3. A Perfect Coffee Mug

An excellent coffee cup is a simple and cost-effective gift. From teachers to doctors to bus drivers to busy parents, everyone on your list will love a good mug. 

And the choices are endless. You can opt for classy and practical stainless steel tumblers. Or browse your local stores for funny, quirky, or irreverent mugs that will bring a laugh. To take this gift up a notch, consider filling the cup with mints or gum to help ward off the dreaded coffee breath.

4. Great Coffee Swag

Coffee lovers do not hide how much they love coffee. Help them broadcast their message with t-shirts, hoodies, slippers, or neckties. With a quick online search, you can track down just the right look for all the coffee lovers on your shopping list this holiday season.

5. Must-Have Coffee Gadgets

coffee gadgets 1

Some of the best holiday gifts for anyone are fun gadgets. And coffee lovers are no exception. From collapsible metal straws to personalized coffee scoops to smart mugs, there are a lot of fun options to enjoy. 

Enjoy Your Holiday Gift-Giving with Equiano

The best holiday gifts are the ones that are just right for the recipient. Size and cost are never the important factors because the adage is true: it’s the thought that counts. 

If you’re ready to knock off some holiday shopping, head over to the Equiano Coffee online shop and stock up. You’ll find high-end roasts from around the globe. And if you decide to grab some for yourself while you’re there, you’ll get no judgment from us. Cheers!