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Tasting Room


Eugene’s first and only coffee tasting room is open! Equiano’s Tasting Room is a uniquely beautiful and cozy little specialty coffee cafe where friends, neighbors, and coffee lovers from all over come together to enjoy some of the most delicious single varietal, small farm coffees from around the globe.


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Welcome To The

Tasting Room

Located in the heart of Eugene, Oregon’s Blair Commercial District, the Equiano Tasting Room offers local coffee lovers a unique space to come together and enjoy sustainably sourced and expertly roasted small farm coffees & espressos.

Open seven days a week, the Tasting Room features display art by local photographers, artists, and craftspeople. You’ll also enjoy special events throughout the year. 

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Equiano espresso

We Offer…

We offer coffees, roasts, and brewing methods to delight every coffee lover. Enjoy our featured espresso of the month, cold brew coffee, a creamy cappuccino. The Equiano Tasting Room is an experience your sure to enjoy!

Only the Best

Treats To Pair With You Coffee

 Enjoy locally crafted French pastries, chocolates, and house-made organic ingredients like our uniquely creamy & delicious Cashew milk and chocolate ganache.



Smaller than a latte, our cappuccinos are double shot of rich, single-varietal espresso, topped steamed house-made cashew or whole milk with a thin layer of smooth microfoam.



Available in 8 or 12 oz sizes, our mochas combine house-made, vegan dark chocolate ganache with a double shot of espresso and freshly steamed cashew or whole milk.



Freshly roasted, ground, and extracted to highlight each coffee’s distinct characteristics, our single varietal espresso is rich with crema and packed with flavor. Served with sparkling mineral water to cleanse your palate so you can truly experience each coffee’s individuality.


Noisette Pastries

We source classic French-style pastries from local bakery Noisette Pastry Kitchen, including buttery plain and chocolate-filled croissants, chewy molasses cookies, and hearty bran muffins. Perfect tasty treats to have with your morning coffee!

Don’t Miss

Our News And Events

Stay in the loop on our monthly featured artist and pop-ups will be at the Tasting Room. Roasmaster Okon, chooses a monthly Coffee you don’t want to miss so check out our blog for updates. 

Hours of Operation


9:00am – 4:00pm

The Tasting Room

300 Blair Blvd.

Eugene, OR 97402

Drop Us a Line

Don't be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!

(541) 953-2879