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There are a few different places in Eugene, Oregon that I can go shopping for some of my favorite locally roasted coffee beans to take home to brew and enjoy. In the Whiteaker neighborhood, I can go to the Equiano Coffee Tasting Room and find a selection of beans from my favorite local roaster to take home. If I’m right downtown, The Kiva carries a couple as well. But if I’m in South Eugene, I can find one of the city’s best whole-bean coffee selections at Market of Choice on Willamette Street.

Market of Choice on Willamette Street in South Eugene carries Equiano Coffee.

Reputation for Quality

Since 2000, Market of choice has been offering “natural, organic, conventional and local products” sourced from some 3000 farmers, ranchers and food producers across Oregon. With a focus on selection and service, Market of Choice stores span the state, adding value to each city’s local economy.

Market of Choice remains a favorite shopping destination for locals, even as far-reaching national competitors like Whole Foods begin to creep into the marketplace. A wide selection of quality local food and beverage brands is just one of the reasons that loyal shoppers keep coming back.

And when it comes to top-shelf, locally roasted specialty coffee, they carry the best. 

Local Coffee Roasters

Some of Eugene’s favorite coffees are roasted by “Okon Udosenata” of Equiano Coffee Company, a local, family-owned and operated coffee concern specializing in sourcing and roasting “Specialty Grade” small farm, single varietal coffees from coffee-growing regions around the world.

Okon Udosenata sampling out coffees from Equiano Coffee Company inside Market of Choice on Willamette Street in Eugene, Oregon.

If you’re a coffee-loving patron of MOC’s Willamette St. store, you may have seen Udosenata or one of his Equiano Coffee Baristas sampling their uniquely delicious coffees in the store at some point. Udosenata is a wealth of knowledge and can tell you a lot about the subtle flavor characteristics of each of his coffees as well as about the growing regions and farmers that he has developed personal relationships with.

Market of Choice’s Willamette Street store offers three of Equiano’s single varietal coffees, including the very popular organic, single varietal “Yellow Catuai” from Carmo De Minas, Brazil.

Carmo De Minas, Brazil, “Yellow Catuai”

This organic coffee from the world’s largest coffee-producing region, Brazil, is Equiano Coffee’s most popular coffee. Served regularly as an espresso at the Equiano Tasting Room, this particular coffee has pronounced walnut and buttery flavor characteristics with a full body and a smooth mouthfeel that keeps customers coming back for more.

Organic Brazil espresso. Yellow Catuia varietal. Equiano Coffee Company. Available at Market of Choice on Willamette Street in Eugene, Oregon.

The Carmo De Minas, Brazil is a favorite of more than just Equiano Tasting Room customers, this fine coffee is also the coffee of choice for local restaurants and wineries, served at Pastini Italian restaurant and King Estate Winery, as well as being a steady seller at Market of Choice’s Willamette store in South Eugene.

Organic Bon Mua, Viet Nam

Maybe Equiano Coffee’s most unique and exotic offering is its “Typica” varietal coffee from the Bon Mua region of Viet Nam. This organic Arabica is a uniquely smokey-sweet coffee, with characteristics of Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Carob, Molasses & spice.

Organic Brazil coffee, organic Vietnamese coffee and Cameroon coffee from Equiano Coffee Company at Market of Choice.

Oku Valley Cameroon

This delicious coffee from the African continent is produced with exceptional care and quality by a small farm cooperative called “Wum Bee Coffee” in the Oku Valley of Cameroon. The Oku Valley of Cameroon is known for the exceptional coffees it produces, and in the hands of an expert roaster like Okon Udosenata of Equiano Coffee, it’s no wonder that this medium-roast, single-origin coffee is offered among the “local elite” coffees of MOC’s store shelves!

“Through the expert roasting of Equiano’s Okon Udosenata, these Java beans offer an amazing array of flavor characteristics from milk chocolate, cinnamon & amaretto -to- sweet fruity notes of guava, apricot and even brown sugar.”

More than Just Coffee

Market of Choice offers much more than just some of the best locally roasted coffees, they also offer up the makings for a uniquely wonderful coffee experience at home. Pairing your favorite brew with high-quality foods that accentuate and enhance your cup of coffee is what quality-of-life is all about.

Market of Choice provides many wonderful pairing options for these fine coffees, from a great selection of both, raw and roasted nuts to a wide range of fine chocolates from Oregon and around the world. And whether you tend to shop conventional or organic, MOC has a wonderful array of both fruits and artisan breads to choose from that you can enjoy alongside your coffee of choice.

So the next time you’re in South Eugene, stop by Market of Choice at 67 W 29th Ave, at Willamette Street and treat yourself to a coffee and food flavor adventure that you’re sure to enjoy.

Not in Eugene? No problem! You can also order these fine coffees online at and have them shipped directly to you. You can also find more food pairing suggestions for each of these Equiano coffees on their website.

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