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Equiano’s new organic estate coffee, Carmo De Minas, “Yellow Catuai” variety from Brazil is now available at the Tasting Room! 

In this blog you’ll discover:

  • Why organic Brazilian coffees from the Carmo De Minas Municipality continue to be Equiano’s most popular single-origin among Eugene’s coffee lovers.
  • The history and coffee growing conditions of the farmer, family, and estate that produces this exceptional single varietal Brazil.
  • Where to find this flavorful “Yellow Catuai” varietal and all the ways you can enjoy it!
Carmo De Minas, organic "Yellow Catuai" Brazil. Now available as espresso, a single cup pour-over, cold brew coffee or in bulk form, either whole bean or ground for brewing at home or giving as a gift.

Fall In Love

If you’re like me, a fan of Equiano Coffee’s organic Brazilian coffees, then your mouth is probably watering too! But for those of you that haven’t been introduced to Roastmaster Okon Udosenata’s most beloved coffee offering yet, here’s your chance to learn a little bit about a coffee that’s worth writing home about.

Okay, so you’re probably more likely to take some of these coffee beans home with you or even send a bag to the folks back home than you are to write home about them. And for good reason.

Even though I’ve been a professional in the specialty coffee industry for decades, this uniquely delicious coffee is the first espresso coffee I’d ever fallen in love with. And yes, I even wrote about it!

Follow the link here to read my short blog about the previous crop of organic Brazilian coffee that Roastmaster Okon sourced from the Carmo De Minas region of Brazil.

An unusually enjoyable flavor experience is what this organic Brazil is all about. And locals all around the Eugene and Springfield metropolitan are are catching on. That’s why notable local eateries and wineries like Pastini Italian restaurant and King Estate have chosen this exceptional Brazil from Equiano as the coffee of choice to serve to their guests! It’s even a popular seller in the whole bean coffee section of two of Eugene’s Market of Choice locations.

This Brazil has a lot to offer us, coffee lovers, as becomes apparent by its versatility and the subtle flavor characteristics brought forth from different brewing methods. Whether brewed as espresso, house coffee, or cold brew, your sure to be delighted by the Black Tea, Dried Fruit, and Peanut Brittle found throughout this medium-light roast coffee.

Estate Coffee

have you ever wondered about a coffee? I mean, really wondered how it came to be and made its way to your cup? Well, every coffee has a story, usually steeped in a rich history, often involving family dynamics (drama), world travel, testing & grading for quality and careful handling along the international coffee chain from farmer and processor to roaster and barista.

The story of this Yellow Catuai varietal of coffee begins in one of the most highly regarded growing regions of the world’s largest coffee-producing country, the Carmo De Minas Municipality of Brazil.

The “Sitio Grato Sao Pedro” farm was left to Claudio Carneiro Pinto and his five siblings in 1960 as an inheritance from their father. As coffee prices dwindled over the decades there was much debate among Claudio and his brothers as to how to save their family business. With their reluctance to follow their brother Claudio’s lead in turning to a new, organic model of farming in order to increase the quality and value of their crop, they all decided to split the 60 Hectare property evenly among themselves.

Eventually, Claudio’s gamble paid off and he was able to purchase all of his brothers parcels from them, raising all of the farm’s coffee production to his quality, organic growing standards.

Man looking at landscape of Coffee farm

Enjoying Your Organic Brazil

I encourage you, my fellow coffee lover, to make a trip down to the Equiano Coffee tasting room in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood to experience this delicious coffee for yourself.

If you’re like me, you probably have a brewing setup and routine for making enjoying at home, just the way you like it. The tasting room is open every day of the week for your convenience and the Equiano barista on duty will be happy to bag up some of these precious beans for you to take home or to the office to brew.

No coffee grinder at home? No problem! Get your choice Equiano coffee ground for you to your specifications or take it in whole bean form to grind up fresh. While the tasting room usually has 12oz bags of their featured coffees already to go on their shelves, you can also request your as little as 1/4 Lb to test out or a full pound if your household drinks as much coffee as we do at home. You can even get 3, 5 or 10Lbs to take to the office if it’s available (Though it helps to call ahead).

Organic Yellow Catuai Brazil, available at the tasting room while supplies last.

Enjoy Equiano’s organic Brazil as a single cup pour-over, as an espresso, in a “Flight” of 3 coffees side-by-side or as cold brew over ice while the supply lasts!

And while you’re at the tasting room you can explore the black tea, dried fruit, peanut brittle, and other flavor notes of this Yellow Catuai as a straight shot of espresso accompanied by a shot of sparkling water to cleanse the palate or masterfully mixed in a silky smooth latte or Cappuccino.

If the organic Brazil isn’t the featured house coffee of the day when you visit, you can always request that the barista behind the counter brew up a fresh single cup for you “pour over” style. Feeling really adventurous? Choose the Brazil and two other Equiano coffees to taste side-by-side in a coffee “Flight”!

You can also check to see if this particular Carmo De Minas Brazil is available for order online.

So enjoy your Carmo De Minas organic Brazil and leave us a comment below to let us know how you brewed up this Yellow Catuai and how you enjoyed this exceptional coffee. The Equiano Tasting Room is located at 300 Blair Blvd in Eugene, Oregon. Cheers!