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Equiano Coffee Company’s new “Caturra” varietal coffee from the “El Rancho” farm in Huila, Colombia is now available at the tasting room!

Come and Get it While you can!

In typical Equiano Coffee fashion, our roastmaster Okon Udosenata who handles all of the companies coffee sourcing (selecting & buying) managed to secure the lone bag of the “Caturra” varietal coffee grown by Mrs. Benilda Papamija on her farm, “Finca El Rancho” in the Huila Department of Colombia.

I had the pleasure of sampling this coffee with Okon at the Equiano Coffee tasting room in Eugene, Oregon yesterday and true to form Equiano has hit the mark again with what is surely another one of the best coffees in Eugene.

What a pleasure, that first wave of fruity sweetness with its full, creamy mouthfeel. This Caturra varietal is no light-bodied, watery coffee. The full-bodied, creamy & buttery mouthfeel of this small farm Colombian is a wonderful and welcome compliment to the cup’s delightfully sweet flavor characteristics.

Are those hints of dried fruit sugars, ripe figs and sweet cream that I’m tasting? Admittedly, my tasting vocabulary is probably a little more developed than my palate is. That’s just one of the reasons I enjoy tasting coffees with Okon at Equiano Coffee, he has one of the most wonderfully developed palates I’ve encountered in specialty coffee.

If you ever have the good fortune of running into Okon at the tasting room in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood, I encourage you to pick his brain about the coffees they’re currently offering. Okon’s a wellspring of coffee knowledge and knows the coffees he roasts intimately. You’re sure to learn something new to add to your coffee enjoyment experience. 

Sweet Coffees From Colombia’s Huila Department

Okon raking coffee in Columbia

Most of the Colombian Coffees that Okon sources are from the Huila region located in the Southwest part of the country. Huila tends to produce high-grade Arabica coffees with sweeter flavor characteristics and is slowly developing a reputation for its higher quality small farm coffees.

Some of the additional tasting notes for this Caturra provided by its producers in Colombia include; Almonds, chocolate, hazelnuts, juicy body and prolonged residual flavors in the mouth. They also give this Caturra varietal bean high marks for being well balanced and for its notably full body.

Just One Bag of Coffee!

A cup of coffee, flower floating in water, vase of flowers, cup of whole coffee beans.

Okon has begun to rotate this wonderful new Colombian offering through the coffees available to take home whole bean or ground from the tasting room but the supply is limited. With just one large burlap bag of raw green beans to roast up for sale, I highly recommend visiting the Equiano Coffee Tasting Room at 300 Blair Blvd. in Eugene before this excellent coffee sells out.

And if you’d like to taste this new coffee before buying beans to take home, you can always ask your friendly Equiano Barista to brew some up via our single cup “pour over” brewing method or as one of 3 coffees in a single varietal coffee “flight” so that you can sample it side by side with two other Equiano coffees.

We would love to hear from you about what your experience and thoughts are on this Colombian selection either here in the comments section of this blog or on our Facebook page. We hope to see you soon. Cheers!

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